We are a collection of ladies – different yet similar – who have come together to provide something akin to meeting up with your girls for coffee and a natter.

The concept is simply to provide an online meeting point for women who are or are about to become mothers and are learning to adapt to this role whilst trying to be the same person they were and fulfilling all their present/future aspirations.

If we can we’d like to take the occasional loneliness, isolation and the “wtf am I doing with my life” thoughts we’ve all had at some point and try to help each other feel more connected, understood and purposeful.

who we are

Mother B: I’m in my EARLY 40’s (worth noting that I still think I’m in my 30’s…). I live in West Sussex with my husband Kelvin and our twins Emilia and Barnaby.  I was a project management consultant before the twins came along. I’ve tried going back to work a few times but long commutes and long days took their toll on all of us and so I decided to do “other things” until the twins start school. I like cycling, running and any other sport I can do in the (very) limited time I have available to myself. I’m a BIG advocate of change; I like restoring old furniture; I’m drawn to creative and thoughtful people; and I’m utterly crap at using WordPress.