cranial osteopathy for babies

When the twins were about 6 months old and we still hadn’t had a full night’s sleep I started researching the elusive subject of babies and sleep.  I stumbled across a number of articles written by an Osteopath that had solved a number of baby and toddler sleeping (and other) issues.

When you’re sleep deprived almost anything seems worth a try (as long as it doesn’t hurt your child in any way).  I went along to a cranial osteopathy appointment with the osteopath that had written the articles I had read.  I was unsure what to expect but he was clearly experienced with both babies and nervous Mums and set about explaining the effects of a c-section on a baby.

By way of summary, the Osteo explained that a c-section involves the rapid removal of a baby from a comfortable, warm and safe environment to a cold and noisy one.  Some medical professions compare it to throwing a bucket of cold water over you in the middle of night.  It is considered a traumatic birth and some of the effects of the trauma can be longer lasting than is commonly known or expected.

While in my arms, the Osteopath placed his hands around the base of each of the twins’ skulls (not at the same time).  He told me that both felt very tight and needed to be loosened.  From an observer’s perspective it simply looked like he was cradling their heads; and both of the twins seemed comfortable and content to be in his hands.  He told me that they might be sleepy on the way home; and if they didn’t sleep well that night they would the next.  Both of them were asleep before I had pulled out of the car park and were pretty lethargic for the rest of the day; and they did sleep well that night and the next.  We saw him every fortnight for a while and then just had maintenance visits every few months thereafter.

The twins, at age 3, are still not sleeping consistently through the night; and we have tried pretty much everything!!!  See the other sleeping articles for more info on little people and sleep.